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Thread: Gonakor

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    A mexican Pharmacy told me that Gonakor was the same thing as HCG -is this true or not?

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    Hey..I got a brilliant idea...try going to google and doing a search on Gonakor...only about 6 pages of results....toook me about 5 seconds to find out the answer to your question.

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    Yes Gonakor is hCG . It comes with 2 multi dose vials. One has 10mL of the sterile water, and the other has 2500 IU's of lyophilized hCG+300mcg of b-12. So you end up with 250 IU/1mL. Kind of a weird dosage preparation, but it is hCG. It sucks cuz it is only a total of 2500 IU's of hCG total. But for some reason (at least the pharmacy where I go to in mex) I was told there was a manufacturor delay in the higher dose preparations, ie. Profasi, Pregnyl. But this has been about 2 months ago and may have changed by now. Gonadotropyl C is also readily available, which is 5000 IU total.

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    Becarful with the stuff from mexico if it looks at all messed with don't take it my buddy went on a small cycle of the stuff and had to get a chunk of leg taken out. When the doc;s told him why (after he told them what hes taken) they took a sample of the vial and it had a bacteria in it they said it was places in the vial of water that comes with it.

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