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Thread: Boed Up!!

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    Boed Up!!

    I am back, I took your advice to thought, and decided to boe up a little, and picked up somemore gear. Ok, now give me you sugestions on how to run this. I have my own idea but would like to hear yours.

    !!Want to shred!! also diet tips!

    2/10ml QV PROP @ 100mg
    30ml FINA @ ?mg (mixed 150 tabs not to sure on strenghth)
    20ml QV WINNY @ 50mg

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    boed up?? whats that mean?

    I dont think you really have much enough do to anything

    75mg prop + 75mg Tren Ed wks 1-8
    50mg Winny ED wks 3-8

    would be good though

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