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    For Mods??????????

    I edited this post and your other post so I will answer you. WE dont allow source posts and we dont allow requests for sources. Asking where to go to get sources is a very fine line of that rule it to me. We dont allow links to get finakits for the same reason. That is why.

    If you want to walk somewhere in MX to get it, thats fine. But you are walking there on your own and has little to do with this board. Linking to a site that does sell gear or one that openly has gear sold connects this board to it. Buying AAS in MX is also not illegal.

    That is the difference.

    Take it to PM's.


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    Wherever necessary

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    u may wanna pm a mod on this i am not sure they will talk to u in the general forum

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    I'm sure after this post you'll find many sources who would like to take your money and send you nothing.


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    Sure bud!!!???

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    i am not sure whether to delete that, or just ignore it. Why on earth would people who sell juice want to be on an open board open to the public? just cos people know it happens, doesnt mean we need to jeapordise ourselves by displaying it. We want our valuable aas resource to stay just where it is thanks, if you think its a joke, then you are welcome to look elsewhere


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    There is a big difference between knowing something is happening and flaunting it in law enforcements face. Of course agencies can get people and of course they are on this board. However we do everything we can to protect our members, good sources, and certainly too keep from pissing off any law enforcement that may be watching. Besides why would anyone give a source out to a person they didn't know or trust. My experience with boards with open sourcing policies is that the sources either end up getting busted or turning into scammers. A pharmacy in TJ sells anabolics legally. We don't allow solicitation on this board and never will.

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