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    Question What do you guys think.....

    [COLOR=red][FONT=arial] Weeks 1-8 300 mg Deca Durabolin and 300 mg Test Enanthate , Weeks 5-9 50mg Winstrol tabs EOD, Week 11-12 Clomid and Clenbuterol . I want to use Nolvadex in this cycle. Where should I start using it??

    What do you think of this cycle?? I am 5'9" 205 lbs, looking to lose weight and put on sum lean muscle. Thanks for your help!

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    extend the deca and test to wk 10, bang the test up 2 500mg, add clomid and clen from wk 12-15. u can thro in nolva with clen and clomid 2 help for pct

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    A standard first cycle looks something like this:

    400mg deca - 1-10wk
    500mg test - 1-11wk
    winny 50mg ED - 9-13wk(5wks)

    You should use Nolva if you get any signs of gyno... else... spare it!
    -50-80mg: until gyno subsides, then 20mg/ED

    Clomid on week 14-16(3wks)
    - first day : 300mg
    - next 10days: 100mg/ED
    - next 10days: 50mg/ED

    Good luck BRO! Hope you have better luck than me!!!

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