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Thread: Sustanon 350???

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    Sustanon 350???

    Has anyone heard of sustanon 350?? I was asked if I wanted to get some but as far as I know I thought they only came in the 250. If I am not mistaking, I think that it comes in a 10ml bottle as well. I tried to read up on it but I wasn't able to find very much. If it does exist, then what the hell, I would mind picking some up!! Thanks a lot guys.

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    It comes in 250 and 300 from some UG labs. But I've never heard of 350. I wouldn't doubt it if it exsist's but it's probably just more prop in there.

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    there are some underground labs out there that make gear in varying concentrations. i would find the name of the lab who makes it and see they are reputable.

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    I was wondering the same thing about the sus 350

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    I don`t know too much about roids yet, but I`ve never heard of sust 350, only 250. I wouldn`t buy it, at least not without taking a pic of the amp and posting it here so that the guys who know this **** can tell you if it`s real or not.

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