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    How long should clen/eca stack run for?

    hey bros. im trimmin down some fat as much as i can before i start to bulk in the middle of Dec. I have been taking clen at 2 weeks on 2 weeks off for 1 month now, just wondering how long you can run clen like this.


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    The ECA I wouldnt run for more than a month striaght.

    Clen I'd be inclined to say that two weeks in and two weeks off for a month is about right as well!

    Dont run either without taking a least (AT LEAST) two weeks off between each month that you run it!

    There are lots of threads about being running ECA (ephedrine, or similar) for months on end...But those threads never end well!


    EDIT: ESPECIALLY if you're running the ECA with the CLEN, dont go for more than two weeks on and two weeks off. Then take a bit of time off. Better to be safe than sorry!

    L8 (again!)

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