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    Gyno and early signs

    I never thought I would ever experience gyno being that i'm 7%bf and I have a good diet and exercise well. I ran prop. and fina for 10 weeks this summer and saw real good gains but also saw sides with it. The fina gave me "fina dick" and high blood pressure, and a little acne. I have been off for a while and I ran the clomid like you should at 300/100/50 mg. til I ran out and thought i was fine. Little did I know about 4-5 weeks later I started getting hot flashes. I was like wtf women get hot flashes from menapause. I'm 22 and a male so I know that wasent the reason. The hot flashes lasted for about a a week and a half. During that time I started to notice that I had a lump on my left nipple. Right then I knew it was gyno but this occured like 6 weeks after my cyle. I cant get my hands on any anti e's for 2 weeks so I got some advise and just bought tribulus, flax seed oil, and avena sativa. I just started taking it today hopefully what this will do is raise my test levels to what they should be. I also am goign to see my doctor end of the week. Either my doc is going to give me some anti e's hopefully or some test because oviously my test level is low and est is high. I have no reason why this is. Ill post in a couple days and see if it gets any better. If anyone else has any advice I would like appreciate it Moderators.

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    You definitely need some Nolva, and maybe some more Clo.

    Bump for a response from the Mods & Vets.

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    Can you go do a doctor for that, what will happen and who will know?

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