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    final touches to first time cycle

    Hey all

    Im putting the final touches on my first cycle.

    im gonna run

    Test Enan 250mg twice a week for 10 weeks
    and D-bol 5mg 4 times a day for about 25 days. I would like to go longer but thats all i have for now.

    i have the nolvadex that i need for my cycle i have 60 20mg tabs. here is my question i wanted to run 10mg nolva a day, but im using the chineese nolvadex and the tabs are very small and are hard to cut. would it be ok to run 20mg every other day? or should i try and cut the tabs and do the original 10mg a day. at 10mg a day i figure i can run all the way through my cycle and to the end of PCT. and of course i have the Clomid for PCT. The worst part about this whole thing is i have all my gear and i want to start really bad, but im in the middle of getting over a neck injury, and im only about 80% will be another 3 weeks or so before im going full steam again. im very tempted.

    Must resist Gear!

    Thanks guys


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    wait until you heal all the way because with the AS youll pushyourself harder and are more likely to become injured again.....on the pills go to a drugstore and find a pill cutter...they work great on those chinese nolva.

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