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    sus/deca/equ/t-4 cycle

    what would be the correct way to cycly sustanon ( 20amps), Deca ( 20ml), equipose (10ml) and T-4. I havent read up on this t-4 to much although a lot of guys at the gym say its real good stuff. I was going with just 10 amps of sustanon but then i decided to double it so could either run it longer or more often : EOD possiblly. The deca is at 20 ml instead of 10ml for this reason to can someone please show me the best way to ctclt this for the bets results. I will include anti estrogens at the end.

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    t-4, as in synthroid ? if that is the case, your gym friends are wrong, t-4 will have little impact on your thyroid output. t-3 is the big gun and i recommend you stay away from it. it's not necessary to cut with unless competing, and even then i would still be hesitant.

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    run the cycle 8 to 10 weeks (10 pref/ 12 if u have enough gear)

    sus 500mg/week
    deca 400mg/week
    now there is no reason to run eq and deca at the same time so i'd buy some bol if i were u and run it the first 4 weeks at 30 to 35mg/ed save the eq for a cutting stack later on with some winny

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