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    Unhappy Clen and marijauna

    I'm gonna start on a cycle of clen next week, and ive red this forum over a thousand times and i'm a bit worried about my sleeping pattern as I have to wake up early in the morning 7am.

    I really want a good nights sleep but I dont want to take any pills that helps me sleep. Just wandered if I am using clen 2 weeks on and off is it safe to smoke some herb (1 reefer) to help sleep occasionaly i.e. weekends or 3 times a week. I can control my eating habits so that isnt a problem. Just worried about the clen working 100% and the marijauna messing it all up?

    Anybody got the same experience??

    Please help!!!

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    Always a bad idea to use one drug to counter act another... dont take clen too late in the day and you should be fine.

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    Do not smoke pot at all while you are on clen !!! The marijuana will rapidly increase your heart rate which will already be high from the clen. This is not a good combination at all. Try taking some ZMA or some other zinc supplement to help you sleep. Good luck.

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    Lite that shit! Smoke that shit! PASS THAT SHIT!!!

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    you do understand marijuana is a stimulant right? I wouldnt combine that with clen IMO.

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