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    Experts opinion PLEASE

    Heres my deal 5'8" 165lb 7.5% bf. Worried about hairloss i know another hairloss question But please help me out. I am currently taking Dutasteride, Xandrox and topical spiro in my fight against hairloss. Not looking to get huge just sick of being stuck at 165 though people always think im about 175 which is what i would like to be. I was thinkin about doing a lite cycle 10 lbs thats all i want. I was thinkin Test and Deca but i was told no deca with dutasteride so i dont know maybe EQ instead. And maybe clen post cycle. Tell me what you guys think. What and how much to take your help would be appreciated.

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    Deca and test can both be bad on your hair line.
    If your only looking for 10lbs and that afraid about hairloss then my suggestion to you would be not to use steriods at all.

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