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    Question about femara and gyno

    Is it possible to enhance gyno symptoms using an anti estrogen like femara? The reason why im asking is im 3 weeks into 30mg of var and 1 week into 500mg/wk of enanthate . I started taking the femara on monday as i had just started enant on sunday. Im dosing the femara at 1.25mg eod so i took the first on mon and the second dose yesterday(wed). My left nipple is feeling sensitive. Now i dont know if femara is doing it and causing a fast/hard estrogen rebound causing gyno or is the femara causing the tenderness as it rids my body of estrogen.. Anyone have an effect like this from starting femara. I do have plenty of nolva on hand so should i ditch the femara and start up on nolva or wait a couple more days to see if it really is gyno related?? Any help on this is appreciated.



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    cut the letrozole dose in half and take 10mg of Nolva per day and see if that helps, I quit taking my Letrozole and am now just on Nolv. It works for me.

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    Letrozole has been shown to inhibit aromatation to a degree, but also shown to increase aromatic enzyme levels.

    Its possible in some users it could make things worse.

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