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    From bulking to cutting at the end...

    I did a little research and I couldn't find much info on to support my idea so i'd thought i'd just ask...

    In theory if a person is doing a normal bulking cycle, say 10-15 weeks or so, and while eating a bulking diet, 3,500+ cals, could he theoretically for the last couple for weeks until pct take some sort of fast acting test like prop or even fina and drastically reduce calories, 1200 or so, and burn off the excess fat they wanted too. I mean would the prop be enough to keep the gains with the decrease in calories and even an increase in cardio...

    I've heard of people using dbol or prop at the end to keep blood levels from fluctuating but how about the drastic change in diet?
    Also during PCT i am guessing you would then need to quit the low cals and decrease the cardio in order to maintain gains as the lower natural test returns.....

    I dont know...maybe im just an idiot.

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    You could do that... or just bulk cleanly so you don't have to "cut" at the end.

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    dbol at the end of a cycle.....this sounds interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lift Chief
    You could do that... or just bulk cleanly so you don't have to "cut" at the end.
    definitely bulk you will have to increase calorie intake during and after pct to keep gains...wait until natural tes levels have restored ie 4-5 weeks after pct to cut.

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    What for 2 wks? Not much point really.

    Extend your cycle another 8wks if you want to do that and run like prop and tren or something.

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