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    Will This Cycle Help Me Reach My Goal?


    I'm currently 17% Bodyfat and I wanna hit 10% with the help of this cycle:

    Weeks 1-10: 100mg Test Prop EOD
    Weeks 1-8: EQ
    Weeks 1-6: T3

    I know that diet + cardio is more important than gear, but if both of these are spot-on do you think a 7% drop in bodyfat is possible?

    Thanks, Rugby-Jock

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    You'll drop way down from the T-3 but be careful. You can permanently F up your Thyroid and turn into a blimp.

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    have to know what your weight is first of all.....Second.....dont start the t3 tell week 2 of prop so it has time to fully kick in and your body starts to burn fat on its own. Also watch your diet...I would recomend maintenece calories at least. I am currently tapering off a 6 week cycle of t3 were i weant up to 150mcgs, i kept my cals low and believe i didn't lose the weight because my body was in "starvation mode". Your right though if you haven't been hitting the gym and diet spot on for a while then you dont need need to straighten up and get under control.

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