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    Question 40th b-day, 1st. cycle in 20 yrs, please help and critique

    Hi Im a newbie looking for good advice. I will be 40 in oct., am 6ft. tall 194 lbs. and between 12-15% bodyfat. I eat
    4-5 times a day a high protein diet lowcarbs,but lots of steamed veggies. total cals about 2000-2500, and 200-250
    g. protein/day. My only previus cycle was a 8 week decca only 20 years ago w/ good results.

    my present cycle plans are:
    week 1-4 d-bol 20-25mg./day
    1-6 decca 200mg/wk
    1-12 test cyp 250mg/wk
    6-12 winny 50mg eod
    1-12 arrimidex either 1/2 tab daily or 1 tab eod
    1-8 propeccia
    8-14 hcg 1,250 twice weekly
    14-16 clomid 50mg. twice daily
    1-24+ 3iu hgh in am daily

    other supplements zinc and red wine extract 200mg w/ 200mg of dim. lipoic acid. nizoral shampoo, and nitrix
    other rx available
    1) all versions of test
    2) anadrol
    3) anavar
    4) halotestin
    5) fluoxymesterone

    my goals are to make the most of my first cycle while trying to minimize side effects. I dont want to be huge but
    would lile to edge out shannon sharpe or ll cool j. would also like to see single digit body fat. >>>>>>>>>>

    thx in advance tropical itch
    pms welcomed
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    ok 2 points stand out, why drop the deca ? i would run it up to week 12 with test. Then the hcg usage, i would if i was going to use it, use it weeks 11-12 500iu ed for 10 days, i wouldnt use it the way you suggested, where did you come up with the idea of using hcg for 6 weeks? hgh looks good and so does the rest


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    Yeah, if you do HCG twice weekly you should keep it at 500iu/day. If you're one of the lucky ones who gets no shrinkage, you shouldn't really need it at all.

    Also the usual Clomid dosage is 300mg day 1, 100mg 2-11, 50mg 12-22.

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    the only thing id do is go up in dosage on deca /test/d-bol. test i think should be at about 500-700mg./wk unless you might want to have a kid but i figure you arent lookin for that at this time in your life. you should be fine but just in case. id go to about 300/400mg/wk on the deca because you are going to get a bit stronger and pretty fast. the deca will add strength and add some fluid to your joints for sudden strength gain. d-bol should be at 30-35mg/day. only reason i say go up is because you havnt taken in a long time so it will hit very good at these levels. (only my opinion) i would use hgh directly after workout so you are sure to get in the correct amnt. of carbs and sugar with it.

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    back to the top .....please critique cycle. 74 people have looked at it but only 3 responces

    thx again

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    At 40 and your prior cycle experience.

    1-12 test-e or cyp 500mg a week
    clomid + nolva post cycle and nolva on hand for gyno.

    no need for hcg .

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