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    Reducing Water Retention

    First off i havnt been around for a few months and its great to get back ( ive spent the past week skimming through some new posts)

    Anyways, i have a HUGE problem with water retention during cycle. I obviously dont mind it at all in my muscles (infact i like it) but my face and neck swells up giving me the appearance that im getting fatter ( im a lean guy )

    In past cycles ive run very high doses of Liquidex, like @or above 1mg ed. And ive tried to drink high ammounts of water. Is there anything else at all that i can do thats proven to reduce the water retention? My next cylce im planning on running Test + Eq+ maybe winnie or anavar

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    Better anti-es

    Ive found about 25mg Aromasin is better than 2mg Arimidex for bloating.

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