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    How well does spot injecting work...

    I was just wondering if spot injecting really worked that well or if it was just another "wives tale". If it does work how much more would ams grow that the rest of my body if i just shot in the arms.....5% 20% how much.

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    I was wondering the same damn thing cuz I just put 1cc of test in my left pec and 1cc in my quad. Then I put 1cc of Deca in my other pec... Hurts like a mofo!!! Especially the Quad

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    I guess it really depends on what you are injecting. I for one do not think that it matters. Your hormanal levels are distriputed throughout the entire body. ( Depending on the hormone in question of course.)
    Your arms will respond to the injections along with proper training and diet but then again, so will the rest of your muscle groups.
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    I dont think they do much either.

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