A while back I did a Fina/Winny cycle.

Awhile after that, I started to develop some sore nipples. This was a ways after, probably at least 3 months Iím estimating. A month after that, I started to get a small lump under my left nipple, not noticeable.

At first I figured it was my bodyís testosterone levels were low, and estrogen levels staying the same. I talked to a friend of mine who was experienced in the AS field (who I know now is an idiot) and he told me that he has had the problem before and it goes away after awhile.

I still have the lump, and an even smaller one under my right nipple. They are not noticeable really, just looks like my nipple is a little puffy and my right one you cannot even tell, only I can.

From what Iíve found the following drugs can help with progesterone build up:

-High doses of Vitamin B6

Iíve been using the Bromo for about 30 days right now. I take one 2.5 Mg dose in the morning along with 50 Mgs of Clomid, 10 Mgs of Novadex and another 10 Mgs of Novadex in the after noon. Iíve just added in the Nova and Clomid this week and am hoping to achieve great results. I am adding in 500mgs/2daily Vitamin B6 right now also.

Iím just wondering if anyone else has encountered this, and how it worked out for them.

Also, does this look like the proper procedure to eliminate progesterone build up? Granted if there is one at all, which I have read is very possible.