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    planning 1st cycle... still planning

    Thinking about starting a cycle in a month or so. From what ive been reading it seems best to just stick with an entire test cycle since it would be my first. But i was wondering if I should just try a sust cycle with something else. Or just sust alone?

    age 19
    lifting experience bout 5 years
    weight 165
    height bout 6'1

    and guys ive been on these boards long enough to know im probably going to get shot down for thinking bout doing a cycle at age 19 but like i said im just planning it out. nothing has been purchased yet.

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    since you are just planning and kicking the tires..... I would say wait at least another year. Looking at your stats I think you have more room to grow. Get your diet in check and start eatting more and you will see growth.

    Now to your question. A test cycle is great for your first cycle and I would stick to long acting esters like cyp or enan. You will not have to worry about injecting yourself ED or at least EOD for 10 weeks

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    is there any reason why NOT to wait. Do you need to get a jump on anyone? I would wait another year like mud said but if you do decide to do it now stick with enan or cyp.

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    True dat. I weighed that much when I first started but I am 5'8. I started at 140 so I got to what I considered a hump before I took the plunge. I think you should gain some more weight before you hit up the aas because you still have a lot of room to grow. My 2 cents

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