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    Fat Loss, is GH the best option?

    I have the opportunity to do 6 i.u. of growth hormone for 6 weeks during my current cycle. The reason I'd like to add it is for fat loss purposes. However, it is over $1000.

    Are there better ways to get the fat loss that I want without breaking the bank?


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    HGH needs to be done no shorter than 3 months for results...6iu's is way to much..2iu's is better for an HGH newbie..

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    Cardio and diet are the absolute best for cutting. Diet accounts for 80% of your and con. If you cannot get your diet clean and ripe than it is a waste to add sups. Just MHO


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    6 weeks? Waste of money bro. You neede to be on it for a minimum of 3 months. and 1,0000.00 is CRAZY!!!! Don't waste your money. Diet and Cardio is a hell of a lot cheaper!!! YIKES

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