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    prop fina dilema

    I am preparing myself for the utmost of flames, but i deserve it. I have 2 bottles of home-made prop and fina. Neither had a label on them and I did not do anything to identify which was which. While I knew what was what during my last cycle, I do not know one from the other. Is there any way to figure this out??

    Feeling like an ass............

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    The fina will most likely be the darker of the two. Tren powder is more yellowish than test powder, so the final product will be a darker yellow or even brown/tan. Does that help?


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    from my experience prop is way more painful than tren , so put a cc in each delt and see which side hurts worse.

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    you could post a pic of them....fina looks like piss...prop should be clear and time label your bottles bro..Madmax

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