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    Cycle suggestions

    Im 5'11 165 ibs.I have a tough time gaining size, I just seem to get more defined. Ive been doing heavy weights the last year but it hasnt seemed to help a whole lot.
    PAST CYCLES: Ive pyramid Deca for 6 weeks. My doses were 300mg-600mg a week. I ended up gaining 12 ibs, kept 8 ibs of it. Ive also taken Winny before but its been so long I cant remember how much I took. I dont remember getting any results really, except I got firmer thats about it.
    GOAL: To gain as much muscle mass as possible.
    CYCLE PLAN: Week 1-10 500 mgs Test Enthate
    Week 1-10 300 mgs Deca
    I have Nov. to take if any symptoms of gyno come up during the cycle and I have clomid to take post cycle. I was wondering if there was anything I should change about my cycle and what results I can reasonably achieve with hard work and lots of eating. Thanks again for all the advice guys. Because of your advise I have decided to not get
    I P products.
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    Up the Deca to 400mg/wk. Do not pyramid, keep the doseage consistent throughout the cycle.


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    I would also extend the test to 11 weeks. Then the test and deca will come off together to start your pct. You mentioned that you have nolvadex but you will also need some bromo to stop prolactin form deca.

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