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    Deca/Sust cycle help please.

    I started a cycle with aratest 2500 250mg a week and deca 300 300 mg a week for 10 weeks. I planned to do 500 mg aratest a week but was not able to get more.

    I already did 4 injections of each. I am still unable to get more aratest. The only thing I could get is a 10ml bottle of Test 400.

    My question I just continue with the cycle as it is? or is it possible to add the Test 400 to the cycle at this time? If so, how would I add it?

    Any suggestions? HELP!

    PS. I already know about the bad planning!
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    The test 400 will be fine to add to the Aratest. The easiest thing to do would be to bump the test up to 400mg/week and save the rest of the Aratest.


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