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    test E w/ proviron or prop for cutting?

    I was just wondering if there was a difference in taking test E w/proviron to keep the water weight off as well as keeping the estrogen in check and prop during a cutting cycle, besides the frequency of the injections. They both are test and the only reason most people use prop is for cutting and to keep the water weight off. So couldn't you use enanthate w/proviron and get the same effect as prop or not? I am not asking this because I dont like frequent injections ,that does not bother me. What does bother me however is the pain associated with prop, I have tried QV prop as well as proline's and they hurt so bad I can hardly move. I have heard that human grade does not hurt but, at this time I do not have A source that carries human grade. This is the reason I am asking the question about enanthate and prop.

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    i am currently running test e, deca , and 50mg proviron /day and love the ethanate. goes in like deca and i see very little water weight in the face only.

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