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    Cycle Critique please

    Whatsup bros, im new around here, but ive been "lurking" for quite some time. Im planning my 3rd cycle. First cycle consisted of low doses of deca and dbol ( dumb i know, no test ) and my second cycle consisted of sust and fina at moderate dosages. Heres my plan for the third cycle:

    age: 19 (yes im a litte young but i've done my hw, trust me. Ive also been lifting since i was 14. Please do not categorize me as a typical 19 year old who doesn't know shit about training, diet, juice, etc...because i do know what I'm doing and am well informed about the risks I'm taking.)
    Height: 6'2
    Weight : 210
    BF% : 8-9%

    Bench: 315 goal: 375
    Squat: 450 goal: 500
    Dlift : 510 goal: 575

    Goals: I want to bulk, and gain a lean 15-20 pounds. Keeping bodyfat as it is. In the future im looking for a job as an actor/fitness model so i need the chiseled look (Which i already have, i just need some more mass in my opinion) Im a very hard gainer naturally, so my diet will have to be at least 4000 calories a day and 200g protien. I'll lift 5 days a week, training each body part once per week.

    Projected Cycle:
    Weeks 1-4: 25 mg dbol ea. day
    Weeks 1-2 : Test E. 800mg,
    Weeks 1-2: Equipoise 600 mg.
    Weeks 3-10: Test E 500mg
    Weeks 3-10: Equipoise 400mg
    Post cycle: CLomid, Nolva on hand in case of gyno

    So what do you guys think? Any suggestions on compounds or frontloading? Would any one consider running fina for the last 5 weeks or would that be a little much. Thanks in advance for any suggestions/comments

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    You don't need to frontload with d-bol. But at 19 you are taking a big chance of causing problems with your hormonal system in later years.


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    i bet u could gain 20 pounds if u took 250mg a week of sust

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