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    Quick question on my DECA/SUS cycle?

    Two questions i have for all u bros....
    Im on my 4th week of my cycle.
    WEEK 1-10 DECA 300MG weekly
    WEEK 1-10 SUS 500MG weekly

    Everything ia going great so far.
    1) Should i run the DECA to only 9 weeks, letting the SUS run longer to prevent DECA side effects.

    2) i have more then i need of SUS, ive only been taking 2 shots a week, everyone said i should of taking it EOD or every third day, is it too late to do that now that im in my third week and conitnue all the way to my 10th week, or will it throw things off?

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    sust contains the decaonate has the same half life at deca . you need to end them both at the same time, adn start PCT 3 weeks later.

    i would do sust EOD or E3D...i don't see a problem switching to E3D shots now if you wanted to...

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