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    finished cycle...Question about the winny at end..

    I just finished a 10 week cycle of test and eq.. At weeks 8-13 I did winny and harden up a real lot.. I only gained about 8lbs durring cycle but I am so much harder and solider.. My main question is will I loose my intense hardness and strengh.. Im the same size as I have been, but my arms flex into rocks.. Id hate to loose being this hard.. I also have veins all over my chest and shoulders when flexing.. Will I loose of the the visible veins? Man, first time I done winny and I love it.. HArd as a rock. Im starting my pct tommorow, 3 weeks after lost shot of test/eq...

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    You will always lose some of what you gained.

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    If pct id done properly then you shouldnt loose to much of hardness. The only thing that I would worry about is the increase in calories you will take in during pct. Clen might be a option for you.

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