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    Gyno from Anadrol and not Test or dbol? wtf

    For some reason, when i took Denkall anadrol at 50mg a day i gota little sore lump under my left titty. It was not too big, and after i discontinued use it went away completely. Test, dbol , and fina gave me no gyno at all. I find this very strange. I know anadrol aromatizes to a pretty large degree, but so does test and dbol. The fina, i can understand wouldnt give me gyno since im not prolactin prone. But my question is this...since anadrol gave me minor gyno that has since gone away w/ out nolvadex , could using test in the future bring it back? I dont want to run novla unless i absolutely have to.

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    it seems that since you're prone to gyno, running nolvadex (although you dislike the thought) might be a good preventive measure. However, nolva wouldn't cure you if you happen to get bitch tits, so better be safe than sorry.

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