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Thread: cycle help

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    cycle help

    Just looking for some advice on some cycles, have the following shit

    Anadrol - 60 tabs - Hemogen LAbs
    Primo - 15 amps - 100mg - Schering LAbs
    Dianabol - 60 tabs - Naposim
    Chlomid 25 - 50mg - tabs

    i'm 24 messed around with the stuff in highschool. This would be my third time on juice, and i'm just looking for a way to get a effective cycle with what i have. My brother moved out and left the shit behind.

    i'm 170 and about 6 feet tall, have been lifting on and off for the past 5 years, and want to start getting big


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    i personally never liked ad50 but a friend of mine took 30 tabs at 1 per day and gained 28lbs that he kept
    if you cant get anything else than the primo at 2 amps per week and ad at 1 per day for 30 - 45 days would be ok
    take clomid a week after last injection
    this would not be great cycle but in my opinion it would be about the best you can do with what you got

    for the ad if no sides you can go 1 and 1/2 or 2 per day but they are powerful--also i think mixing dbol and ad50 is overkill

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    not where I want to be
    i wouldnt bother at all. get some test.

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