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Thread: BTG Var

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    BTG Var

    Since BTG var is one of the best in terms of quality will 10mgs ed be enough to run for 10 wks???

    I realize the standard dosage for var is in the 20-40mg range but there is no was in hell I could afford that much. Insight needed here fellaz, thanks...


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    I wouldn't think 10mg would yield any noticible results for a male of decent bodyweight.

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    NO i suggest at 30 to 100mgs,
    Although I have run btg 10mgs 20 a day for 7 weeks and seen good results, although i was runnin test and decca as well so
    At least run 20 if not 30

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    I agree with bdtr. My girl takes that much for a 12 week cycle.
    Plus I heard that BTG is very oftened faked unless you get a script from a doc. I don't know how true that is, but since my concern is for my girl, I don't take any chance of her putting a drug that is non-var into her. Can't be having her growing a beard.

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