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Thread: Liquifen??

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    Anyone ever used liquifen before
    My basic understanding is that it is generic Nolva, just liquid form>

    Any info

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    Here's my experience with pnp products:

    Liquidex works well alone, keeps bloat down. Not 100% effective with gyno, 80% by the books.

    However, I am very prone to gyno and have given up AAS until i get my hands on some NON QV EQ....

    Liquifen: 250mg/eod test enan; my nipples began to get irritated prior to use of liquifen.....immediately administered liquifen 40/mg/d...irritation evolved into down right pain within 24 hours..... continues liquifen 40mg/d for 2 weeks, pain don't go away, growth occurs.... stop liquifen, pain subsides... growth still there. stopped aas.... growth still there....

    last cycle I experienced a little growth in my tits BUT it went away after 5-6 months.... I'm hoping the same is going to happen again..*NOTE* liquidex was taken from day 1 until I ceased cycle.....

    In conclusion, PNP may be good, liquifen may be good, BUT nolvadex does have the capability to make gyno WORSE in some people and this is not coming from hearsay or my experience, but from a medical journal supplied by my pharmacist...

    So, take it at your own risk, you won't know until you try..

    IF, And BIG IF, I use test again, I will try the alternative to liquidex, Femera, which is suppose to block 97% estrogen conversion rather than 80% that liquidex blocks.. and hope it works.


    PS, hope this helps

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