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    Talking Up 9lbs in 3 weeks...Wow!!!!

    This is crazy i am on my 3rd week of my cycle and up 9lbs already its probobly the d-bols guess a little water but i still look lean just muscles look swollen i love it iam now 179lbs up 9 from 170lbs 3 weeks my goal is to get up to 190lbs i am only 5'9 oh yeah this is my 2nd cycle ago i am eating like a fukin pig in the 1st week the strenght already went up in the gym and now its just fukin nuts i feel AWSOME this is my cycle:
    week 1-12 500mgs of Nile sust/week
    week 1-10 300mgs of PVL deca /week
    week 1-4 thai d-boll 20,25,30,35mg/day
    week 9-13 PVL winny 50mgs e/o/d.....maybee
    week 14-16
    hcg 6000i.u/wwek
    week 16-22
    clomid 50mg/day

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    Feels good, doesn't it?! Keep up the good work and you'll love the results you get from that cycle. I would, however, bump the clomid up to begin in week 15, two weeks after the test, but that's up to you.


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