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Thread: Site pain

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    Site pain

    im getting pain it seems randomly at injection site, first injection, didnt hurt first day, then 2nd day was swollen as hell. then for my 2nd injection i expierened no pain, 3rd injection loads of pain and swelling, its happened in both glutes. anyways i dunno whats causeing it, i think im moving the needle around too much or somthing, because im useing Test 200 and Decca, wich shouldnt hurt. and im not being a puss, i can barly walk when my ass is at full swoleness hah

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    what kind of test 200 are you using ? is it Ttokkyo Cyp 200 ? if so, that could be where your pain is coming from. you could also, like you said, be moving the needle around. or, injecting too fast, not rubbing afterwards, etc.

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    Almost every time I get pain from injecting, it's because I inject to quickly... Slow down the injection and see if that helps, unless it is just a painful AS.

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    A dull needle gives me a real bad pain in the ass

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    these could all be reasons for the site pain. you may also want to try making sure the skin is tight at the injection site. that way the skin doesn't dent inward when you inject. also try lifitng the leg you're injecting into off the ground. this will lessen pressure on the leg and relax the muscle

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