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Thread: t3 and clen

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    t3 and clen

    Hey men, I have a quick question about t3 and clen . I am fixing to run a cycle using both of these. I know that these will get your heart rate up and give you more energy, but I play sports pretty often and I'm a little worried about how this might affect me while playing out in the heat. I don't want my body temperature to get to high and have a heat stroke, I've had heat exhaustion before and it really sucks. I know it can kill you if it gets too bad. I just want to be sure about how it's going to affect me while I'm out there running in the heat. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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    It will definetly raise your body temp and you will sweat like a pig so make sure you stay hydrated drink alot of water on that cycle playing sports I would shoot for at least 2 gallons a day. Take some potasium and magnesium and it never hurts to keep some salt tabs around just in case.

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    Yeah, be careful with that stuff. I don't even need to go into the pro athletes who have suffered from taking that stuff and heat exhaustion. H20, and lots off it. De little Leprechuan shoold have answered de questin.

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    Yeah I agree with leprechaun but do not even count the wate you drink while you workout towards that two gallons especially if you are out in the sun, just keep drinking water constantly

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