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Thread: Little Help

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    Little Help

    Hey what up-
    Just need a little help from you guys now,
    I just finished off my 4 1/2 week D-Bol only cycle, and gained about 10 pounds. I look great but got a shoot in a couple of weeks and i need my 8 pack back. I've got a descent midsection right now and i guess i'm at about 7-9 % body fat. Right now i'm about 190 and i'm 6'2".

    Now heres where i need the little help with what to do next. I did a little research and i've got availble that will help me to get shredded is Winny and Clen . Now i'm going to be Drinking the Winstrol . How much should i drink a day and how long would you go on the Winny only before stopping and taking Clen and Clomid?

    Thanks alot and your help is GREATLY appreciated.

    (and i know i need to do a better stack besides the Winny only but its all i can afford and i hear that it works just fine: slow but keepable gains/while getting shredded)

    Thanx again

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    Take the Winnie at 50mgs /day with the clen simultaniously

    Divide up the Winnie dose twice a day,25mgs morning,25mgs,eve

    Take the clen every day for 2 weeks, then 2 weeks off etc...

    Start with a low dose of clen , like 2 tabs the first day, 3 tabs the second day, until you reach 6-7 tabs a day , no more than 6-7.

    Take some ECA inbetween your clen brakes 2/weeks etc...

    throw in some cardio , and good diet and your good to go!

    Hope this helps

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