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    nolv & clomid + rate my cycle

    ok here is what im going to run for my cycle.

    t4oo & deca
    week 1 800mg & 300mg
    week 2-8 600mg &300mg
    week 9-10 400 mg & 300mg

    sound good? advice? or looks good?
    i know about the burn from the t400 and weekly poking and to mix it with deca and even split it to twice a week instead of the once a week..

    how about clomid and novaldex?
    i have both but dont know proper dosage for nov.

    i knwo start clomid 3 weeks after last test poke for pct.

    i read about people running novaldex during the cycle, but i cant seem to find that thread. any advise or just keep it handy to prevent gyno if it should arise. what about nvaldex pct? i read where people run both.

    i read the thread again by ....i forget the guys name....cyclone maybe and the links provided by other members here, but its still so vague as to who has done what and what has worked.

    any help is appreciated bros and ill post pics as soon as i get my new lense.

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    You don't need to pyramid up and then down..... What are you stats: age, weight, height, how many cycles have you ran?

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    i should run 600mg for the remaining 9 weeks? any comments on the pct?

    im 28 im 5-9 180lbs
    some body fat but its dropped awesomely in the last 2+ months(was 195) of "proper training" and not just lifting. proper diet does wonders.

    im not ready to start...mayeb two more weeks but id like to gte this part down.

    this is my second cycle. my first was when i was like 22.just sust but i kept about 10lb of good muscle. then i slacked off and got back into the gym to get serious.

    ive read a 100 topics where you guys try to prevent people from doing something
    #1 wrong
    #2 the wrong way
    #3 wrong time.
    i feel im ready and would like you all to inform/help me in anyway you can.

    you guys are the rock bottom authority when it comes to as, and although i dont post much i am here reading a lot.

    thanks guys you all rock.

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