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    Training naturally after juice

    Okay im stupid im 18 i did a cycle of sustanon at only 160 pounds gained 20 and lost 10. so i am now 170, still far away from my natural potential. Now, ive decided that im completely done with them, never touching them again... Ill get as big as i can naturally but, after that ill just have to accept who i am. Now my question is, how should i go about gaining muscle again after steroids are out of the picture?\

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    like any person who does not use steroids . Train hard, keep a good diet (lots of protein), and rest. Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by LightWeightBaby
    like any person who does not use steroids. Train hard, keep a good diet (lots of protein), and rest. Good luck
    The mans totally right.Smart move on your part also.

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    training naturally is probably a lot smarter idea den doing it un/naturally. takes longer, but if u have patience and do da right thing u will b right. good luck

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    You just have to train a lot smarter. Diet is going to be key more so for you. Eat right and get a lot of sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justarting
    im 18 i did a cycle of sustanon at only 160 pounds gained 20 and lost 10. so i am now 170,
    yes but it's only natural to gain 10 pounds while still growing - as far as i'm concerned, you lost it all. when i started keeping track of my weight, i was adding 10 pounds a year just because i was growing up.

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    I think one of the hardest things to do when you're that age is get enough sleep -and I mean quality rest/sleep. Everybody wants to stay out late partying and whatever and then get up early for classes/work/whatever.

    And the second hardest is eating regularly and well -don't be afraid to eat a LOT and definitely do the six meals/day or more thing. If you start to blimp out then cut back the calories but not til then. And always be sure to get 1.5 grams protein per lb. bodyweight/day, spread out as evenly as possible.

    I did neither when I was first working out and then couldn't figure out why I wasn't making good gains -well, DUH! Good luck!

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    Very smart and extremely mature move at a young age. Like all the bros are saying, find out on the diet end how many calories eg. carbs, fat you can handle to grow wothout getting out of hand with the bodyfat %. Also Protein and lots of it and frequently. Train hard and plenty of rest! Good luck and great choice at your age. I went throught the same thing at your age and trained hard and made great gains naturally for 5 years. In fact before i even used AS in about 4 and a 1/2 years of bulking and leaning I ended up going from 170lbs 9% bf to 200lbs 6%bf and my genetics ain't the greatest.

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