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    Interesting article on mail order drugs

    Crackdown finds 90 pct. of imported mail drugs illegal
    The FDA and Customs stopped the potentially dangerous drugs at international arrival centers.
    By Randolph E. Schmid
    Associated Press

    WASHINGTON - Nearly 90 percent of the imported mailorder drugs stopped at the borders in a special crackdown by government agents were potentially dangerous, the Food and Drug Administration said yesterday.

    Of 1,153 imported drugs collected by FDA and Customs agents, 1,019 were found to be illegal. They included drugs that have been withdrawn from the U.S. market, animal drugs never approved for human use, counterfeit drugs, drugs with dangerous interactions, drugs with dangerous side effects, and narcotics, officials said.

    The drugs were collected at international mail arrival centers in New York, Miami, San Francisco and Carson, Calif.

    Imported drugs have become a hot political issue in recent years as many Americans seek lower-cost products from foreign sources. Buying drugs from Canada is particularly popular because U.S.-produced drugs cost less there.

    Responding to public concerns about high drug prices, Congress has been considering ways to permit at least some drug imports from Canada and other major countries. FDA Associate Commissioner William Hubbard said that even if the currently proposed bill were passed, only about 20 percent of the drugs seized in the current crackdown would have been allowed through.

    Hubbard said foreign governments do not take responsibility for the safety or quality of products mailed to U.S. consumers and his agency also cannot guarantee the safety of drugs made in plants it doesn't supervise, meaning the buyers are on their own.

    Canada accounted for 15.8 percent of the imported drugs stopped. Close behind was India, 14.3 percent, followed by Thailand and the Philippines. Other countries included Brazil, China, Peru, Mexico, Fiji, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica and Vanuatu.

    FDA Assistant Commissioner Steve Niedelman said the agency does not take legal action against people who order the drugs, but does tell them that the products are being withheld by Customs.

    Narcotics, which are not allowed to be sold by mail, are turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration to be destroyed.

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    I have gottne a couple more letters than usual. I hete seeing them in the mail. I feel like shit for a couple days.

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    my story

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhino58
    I have gottne a couple more letters than usual. I hete seeing them in the mail. I feel like shit for a couple days.

    i had a few hundred dollars worth of stuff seized too recently. glad our government is cracking down on this rather than the scum bags that live around me.


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