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    How should i set it out?

    Im planning on using the following in my first cycle...

    I was wondering if someone could put a structure to this i.e
    Sus 500mg p/w week 1-8
    Oxandrolone 25mg each day week 1-10
    Clen etc etc

    My stats are as follows
    Aged 23 160 lbs (have lost a lot of weight due to a medical problem which has been fixed now)
    Lifting for 3 yrs
    Protein daily intake of 250 grams
    working out 4 times a week

    Hope you can help
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    bump bump

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    well first off people are gonna tell you to do your research about these products. You should be comming onto this thread knowing how many mgs per week how long your cylce is gonna be etc. Come up with these figures and you might get some critques on your cycle which is what you need not someone planning it for you because if that is the case you havent looked into AS enough to be doing it.

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    wot r your goal? u sound like you'd like to put weight on, if this is so, the sustanon would work well at that dosage combined with deca or something, split the sustanon into two 250ml shotsw per week, people on here will tell u more but this will work fine for ur first cycle, combined with a dosage of 200ml deca you should gain some good lean muscle. put a shot of deca (100ml) and a shot of sus (250ml) into the same syringne and see how you go, run this for 8 -10 weeks and make sure you have anti-e's and clomid BEFORE you start. Be prepared for people to rubbish this cycle by tellin you the decas too low or "not enough sus" REMEMBER this is ur FIRST cycle and you need to see how ur body will react, believe me, you will grow on this cycle. At 160lbs cutting up ay not be the best idea yet- but it all depends on the individual.

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