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    How long should i wait to start my next cycle?

    Im currently in week 3 of my winny cycle. its goin great. mild to no pain on injection sites. lost a ton a fat and the pumps are rediculous. i seriously hate leaving the gym. i have a another cycle of winny stored away since i baught 2 of them when i got em. and i have my clomid ready for when i get off it. my next cycle i want to stack it with a test. Im thinkin sus. so far heres my stats. about 6' currently 189 , after the winny prolly around mid 180's. when i stack them when i come off i dont want my stomach to blow up.i dont want to get big and then shrink. id rather not even do then. my stomach is gettin tighter cause most of my body fat is around my stomach. wich week should i throw the winny in with the test? and how much test a week is a good amount? and how long after my winny cycle should i start it? im a newbie so remember. how would guys set my cycle up. o yeah and my diet is great. moms been cookin healthy haha. im all ears.

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    we wouldnt "set" your cycle up bro. We encourage researching and learning most of this stuff your self so YOU know what your putting in YOUR body..then if you have any questions holla

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    Time on = Time off

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