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    Question which cycle for 1st?

    which cycle would be best for a new comer to AS (1st cycle)

    DBOL weeks 1-5 35 mg ED

    Test (long acting test - sus-enan-cyp) weeks 1-10 500mg. 2 shots per week - monday and thurs.

    Deca /EQ weeks 1-10 400mg per week mon and thurs

    Week1 50mg ed
    weeks 2 100mg eod
    week 3 50mg ed
    week 4 100mg eod (optional)

    ED=Every day
    EOD= Every other day


    Weeks 1-8-10 primo 400mg per week (injectable)
    Weeks 1-8 ananvar 40-50mg ED

    weeks1 50mg ed
    weeks2 100mg eod
    weeks 3 50mg ed

    ED=Every day
    EOD= Every other day

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    First- 500mg Test alone provided that all other aspects of your BB lifestyle are up to par and your of a responsible and appropriate age

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    Go with this:

    Weeks 1 - 4 D-Bol 25mg ED
    Weeks 1 - 10 Cyp or Enan @ 400mg ED 500mg.
    Weeks 1 - End of PCT Nolva @ 20mg ED

    Start 2 weeks after last injection

    Day 1 300mg Clomid / Nolva 20mg
    Day 2 - 11 100mg Clomid / Nolva 20mg
    Day 12 - 21 50mg Clomid / Nolva 20mg

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