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    fina/prop...need serious advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what's up fellaz,

    stats:6'0 213lbs. bf%14

    i'm thinking of doing a fina only cycle 75mg ed for 8 weeks.
    or i might do another fina/prop cycle fina at 75mg ed and prop 50 mg ed.for 8 or 10 weeks.

    my questions are,

    1) i'm happy with my size but my next goal is for gettin cut. will doing this cycle help me drop body fat percentage obviously with the right diet and cardio.and gain a few lbm. also with the cycle i'll be doing a light cycle of dnp at 200mg ed for 2 weeks and then stopping for 4 days and then starting again for 2 weeks and then stopping for 4 days to wait for the water bloat to go down.. so should i stick with fina only for just to gain few lbms of quality muscle and drop bf????? or should i add prop>>>>or how about winny tabs?????

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    I would be scared as shit to use DNP personally, but I dont see a problem in using the prop, others more familiar with it on a personal experience basis might disagree

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    I can tell you from experience that you should definitely use prop with fina, especially if you are going 8-10 weeks. If you do not include test, you will be shut down, and recovery will be long. Also, you should switch the amounts. Always run at least as much - if not more - test than fina. So, depending on cycle experience, 50-75mg fina with 75-100mg prop ED (prefered) or EOD should work for you. Make sure you have all your anti-e's and bromo before you begin.

    With the right diet and cardio, you will increase LBM and lose some fat. Without cardio and diet, you will not. Fina is not really considered a cutter like clen , T3, DNP , etc. But if you are really interested in cutting rather than gaining mass, you might just try Winny.

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    Tren is good for cutitng. Its about the only steroid thats gonna get rid of some fat directly by using it alone (pgf rise). Test needs to be in every cycle.

    DNP is alright I guess. It works and all, but I really was too tired and felt too much like shit to workout or do cardio. I wouldnt ever use it on a cycle.

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    Fina and prop got me from 192 to 200 with a loss of 2 inches from my waist. I did no cardio at all during an 8 week cycle. I sweated like crazy at night and got fevers on occassion but the results were worth it.

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