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Thread: Sustanon 250

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    Sustanon 250

    Im about to do a cycle of Sustanon 250 from thailand. The guy im getting it from suggested just to take one a week. Do you think that would be a good start off cycle. Has anyone ever used Sustenon coming from thailand also. What were your result also?

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    Sus. needs to be injected every other day. ideally you would do this... but i have heard that twice a week could be sufficient for the first cycle because the longer acting esters smooth things out (credit for learning this goes to Billy Bathgate) so you should be OK.

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    I have personally done two seperate cycles with 1 amp of SUS 250 per week for 8 weeks and had wonderful results. I gained 18-20 pounds both times, keeping half. I do not know why so many people insist that you need to do more, YOU DONT. Yes it would be ideal to inject SUS ED or EOD because of some of the shorter acting esters in it, but it will work fine with once a week injections and I think you will be very pleased.
    Start with low doses, because once you go bigger doses you cant go back. Plus you will have less side effects if any. I personally had none.

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