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    clenbuterol with enanthate?

    6'5" 292 at 22% body fat. 21 yrs old. 400 Bench, 600 squat,... strong...Thick waist with a bloated stomach, 20 inch arms unpumped. Would like to cut the body fat % in half, preferably 8-10% range if possible. Swim and run moderately 4 days a week to eat up extra calories, strength is being sacrificed. Use 1-AD, (expensive pretend steroids ), along with Nitro Tech and Cell Tech, feel like for the money I'm willing to put down my body should be far more developed. Is a Clen and Test cycle a good idea, waist of money, possible?

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    Have you ever tried to cut natually? I suggest you do that first.
    Cardio 5 days a week (in the am if possible) and a strict diet.
    If you have done that before which u probably haven't then I'd suggest
    Week 1-8 test prop 100mgs ed
    Week 2-8 T-3
    Week 1-8 Clen .

    If the ed injections with prop are too much then go with Enth or Cyp.
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