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    hgh test and decca

    I am currious do athletes like tito ortiz of the ufc and others take hgh?
    2.Do they take low doses of test with it and do they take t3 also the cycle.
    i was recomended is 200 to 300 of test eth or prop or cyp or 250 of sustanon 200 to 300 of qv deca and 2 iu of gh either 5 days 2 days of or m w f.
    Now granted these seem like low doses and they are but i do better with low doses. I always seem to gain about 20 and usally keep some of it. i have heard you need t 3 then i have heard you don't. I am 30 with injuries from nhb training for 8 years pinched nerv in neck degen arth in shoulder bulging disc in neck. will this help? i weigh around 170 to 175at 5 ' 8 want lean mass and cut not huge like most. So how would this look

    week 1-12 test of some sort 200 to 300 gh 2iu a day 5 on 2 off deca 200 to 300 and t-3 if needed

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    Tito on Gh hmm, He seems like such a tiny guy. I am just starting a Testx, Sustanon , Deca , HGH cycle myself. got my hands on some of the single shot Genotropin Miniquicks. They make gh a lot more easy to use.

    Hope your's works out well.

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