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Thread: Gyno Question

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    Gyno Question

    I have always had a small lump under my nipple ever sense I went through pubirty. I have done a couple of cycles and never had a problem. I had some deca left over from a previous cycle and took it by it self. The lump seemed to get bigger or its just fat around it. I also have gotten a little fat on my stomach so I dont kow if its just fator what. Will anties get ride of it or do I have to have surgery?

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    whats up bro, i have the same problem got gyno from puberty , well i ran a test / dbol cycle about five months ago and my gyno gave me i hell i was taking like 40 to 60 mg of nolvadex just to stop it . i decided to go ahead a run the nolvadex all the time and now 5 months later i think the tissue might be shrinking some .but only time will tell. but i know with deca you need bromo for your gyno , but it could be fat .. but if your like me you should have started taking your anti estros at the same time as your cycle. good luck bro

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    Everyone has a small lump under their nipples, forget the name but it is some kind of duct.

    If it is a lump caused by gyno then there is usually noticable pain associated with it that you probly would have experienced. For example in my case it felt like I got hit in the chest with a baseball bat. And my understanding is that deca can also cause progesterone related gyno which cant be treated with nolv. If there was any significant pain/sensitivty/puffyness of the nipples then definitely give'r on the nolv + bromo.

    Not clear if you are on deca right now, if so proviron @50mg ed might work

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