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    Drug to help endurance

    Anyone know of something I can take thats going to help my stamina more than strength. Im talking like running 7 miles type stamina here.

    I have a PFT for the Force Recon team in a couple weeks and just want to have an edge, anyone have any ideas?

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    I think training is far more beneficial than any drug for stamina. I've heard (but never used) that winny is used by some track athletes for increased speed, but I don't know that it would do anything for your endurance. If anything, I think it would hinder you a little, but I'm just speculating here. Anyway, if there is anything that could help, a few weeks would most likely not be enough time for it to be effective. Train hard.


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    All anabolic steroids cause the body to generate an increase in red blood cells via attachment to AR receptors in the kidneys. More red blood cells equals better transport of oxygen equals better endurance in general. Truly elite endurance athletes use epogen or blood doping techniques to gain this edge. I don't think your reason would qualify for this level of risk, so train hard for the next 7 weeks instead.

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    Winistrol helped with endurance for me. It also made me more agile.

    Dianabol can help with muscle endurance, but I think that it is more for the fast-twitch muscle fibers(not ones involved in longer running distances).

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    Hey ironmaster is EPO hard to come by, and way is this drug so dangerous, I heard it is a must to be monitored closely by a doctor.

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    Force huh? I'm with the Force community. You don't need any drugs..just have a lot of heart and you will make it.

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    Ironmaster is 100% dead on. EPO is the primary drug used by long distance runners. It increases the oxygen in your blood. I have spoken with olympic trainers that explain how it is beneficial for a meet, but not for long term. By long term, I mean that the effects do not last long term and that you certainly don't want to use it long term.

    Most serious endurance athletes train in an oxygen deplete atmosphere, thus increasing lung capacity over time. The lungs actually expand and can hold more air. When they compete in a normal oxygen rich environment, they don't get winded nearly as easily...they take in more air full of oxygen.
    When training in low oxygen environments comes to an end, and the body goes back to normally oxygenated air, the lunges shrink some...they revert to their initial size (to a degree, not 100%...or so it would seem).

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