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    What should a 48 year old take?

    My fathers 48 and lift 5 times a week, I would say he is in pretty damn good shape for a 48 year old, considering most guys his age have beer bellies and such, but he was telling me the other day he seems to be getting softer muscles even though he is still lifting. I told him he may try eating more protein and changing his diet, or he might have to get some more testosterone in him some how. He said he went to GNC and they had some Testosterone boosters there and I believe he said they were pills Im not sure, I told him most of the crap at GNC probably wont work too well. He knows Ive cycled a few times and that I just started a new one, and after I explained everything was pretty safe if you used them right he doesnt really seem to care that I take them, he even asked if it would be something that he should try? I told him Id ask you guys first and find out if there was anything besides steroids he should try or if it would be safe for someone his age to do for the first time. Thanks for your help guys!

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    If he's in good shape and still lifts regularly, a little test could probably do wonders for a man his age.


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    Quote Originally Posted by motoxxxguy
    If he's in good shape and still lifts regularly, a little test could probably do wonders for a man his age.

    I agree.But also I know some guys that buy this stuff at GNC called T-bomb.They take double the required dose and they get great increased power and hardens them up also.It's like 80.00 a bottle.Probably a cycle of test would be cheaper,and your mom a happy camper DB

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    He needs to go to a doctor (anti aging or endo) and have his test levels checked along with other things. They will put him on hormone replacement including test and HGH and monitor his health.

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