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    lose weight after quiting Dbol?

    I am on week 6 of my cycle of 750 Sust and 400 of Deca . I just finished taking my Dbol a little over a week ago. My question is after quiting Dbol do you lose some of you gains? I was up to 205 a week ago and now I am at 194. I am also starting to question my if my Sust is legit or not because I have Deca dick from the Deca and I didnt have that problem when I did Enanathate and Deca. Could I switch to Enanathate half way through my cycle?

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    Sure you could switch to enthanate..I don't see a problem.

    That weight you lost was the water weight that you gained from the Dianabol . This is normal.

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    im sure you lost water weight from d-bol, however I wouldnt think it should happen in the middle of a cycle where your also injecting, especially a compound like deca , known for holding water...everyones different though

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    You will ussally lose a little weight after getting off of dbol . I would stick with the sus. Maybe move it up 250mg eod.

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