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    rotating ED tren injections sites

    ok, so my homebrewed shit is almost ready. gunna do my first inject tomorrow afternoon. in most stuff i've read on in the internet, people say to rotate injection sites as often as possible. at most, one site per week. but i had someone tell me recently to inject into the same two site everyday. the logic behind this is that constantly having oil in the same muscle will cause the fascia (sp?) to stretch, much like how synthol works. what do yall think about this?

    btw, i'm going to be taking a little less than 75mg of tren everyday.

    what do yall think? rotate injection sites as often as possible or same 2 sites everyday?

    also, what kinda pain can i expect from this? =P

    -- clocky baby

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    Here is what i do, Left quad, right quad, left calves, right calf, right bicep, left bicep.

    i can't bring myself to shoot in my ass or hams i don't understand why.

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    When I rotate sites I go from L glute, L quad, L calf, R glute, R quad, R calf and then either L or R delt. Ususally L because I'm righthanded. Not too sure about the same two sites ED though. I believe thats how abcesses are formed, but I guess that would depend on the amount of oil your injecting.

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